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Catboy Crazy is a rogue-like with 2D sprites in a 3D world made in Unity, where the path through the level is randomly generated, and the player receives random stat buffs by spending money earned by killing monsters. Later in the game you can unlock additional abilities with gold, however, a player will receive greater score at the end of the game based on how much money they earned but didn’t spend. The most important part is that you have a companion following you, and the companion is the character with a hitbox, not you. So if your companion is hit by a projectile, your health drops. The 2D art was done by my friend, all 3D assets and sound were assets I purchased, and the rest was my own work.

The project initially ran through its development during a game jam, and I have expanded on the concept some since.

There’s not much to say about the level design, as it’s randomly generated room by room, and the levels are basically the same given that I only had 2 days to complete the project. This is the case for the UI as well: it was barebones given the time frame, but in future projects (like the untitled wild west RPG) I plan to work on a better, more aesthetically pleasing UI. Also, if I return to this project and develop it further, I plan on making it look a lot better, including in UI design.

Overall, this game feels more fun than Dulce et Decorum, but there’s definitely improvements to be made in UI design, variety in level design, etc. However, the game feels enjoyable to me, like an addictive little time-waster. For 2 days it’s definitely not bad, and it got me to learn 3D development more, C# coding, working on AI, as well as coming up with ways to try and add something interesting to an established genre.

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