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SQUIRE is a 2D mini-game I made as a part of a weekend long game jam. It’s a game where you support the true hero, rather than being the hero yourself. It features a old-school RPG style combat system. Each turn you can heal the hero, buff him, shield him, or debuff the enemies damage, with each ability having a cooldown for a few turns. However, to properly perform any of these spells, you have to perform a quick time event. Based on how well you do, the spell could backfire, perform at a reduced rate, or succeed in its full effect.

None of the art or music for this game was done by me personally, but all the code and the concept was my own, and that’s something I’m actually proud of, because I found this concept to be interested and enjoyed play testing the game even more than some previous projects.

Unfortunately, due to time constraints after bug-fixing and system design, the combat is pretty much all there is. I think this could actually be something interesting if I fleshed it out, so I may return to it. I’ve thought of actually making it a full RPG and maybe using a rhythm game sort of mini-game to determine spell effectiveness.

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