Unreal Engine 5 projects

I’ve been working on two big projects in UE5, utilizing blueprints. As one is being temporarily shelved, and the other is mostly still in the planning stage, I’m combining these into one post.

For a while, I worked on a multiplayer game in UE5 designed to use P2P co-op lobbies for a exploration and questing type of game. Initially, I was planning on a cooperative pirate game where you would have a crew go around and explore, fight, run supplies, etc. to get doubloons to buy upgrades. After I added my friend to this project, we envisioned a similar game, but with a sci-fi twist instead, with multiple worlds to explore. Nothing huge, just one environment per planet. Due to our limited knowledge with UE5 and our lack of good assets (as well as the lack of a 3D modeler) for this project at the time, we decided to shelf that and begin planning a different game in Unreal.

Now, we’re planning on a third person action RPG. I envisioned something akin to a soulslike at a first glance, but more of a dungeon crawler lootfest kind of game. In addition to this, I’ve planned several abilities to be added rather than just a simple melee combat system. This project is still mostly in planning, but I’m quite excited for it! I’ve already worked a lot on an inventory system, as well as basic movement. Over the next few days we’re going to work out design pillars, the setting, and the basic story beats.

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